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Or if you purrrfurr, her other line:

SSSSSSSS says the sizzling stage.

A wok just taken off the stove and sprayed with ice cold tap water (’cause you’re too flippin’ lazy to let it cool down) cries a deafening silence in comparison, as it watches… yearning to be the excited mma grinder next to it. <exit stage left>

This is Kwon Yuri – So Nyuh Shi Dae’s Black Pearl and biggest fan. There is much more to Yuri than just her fine line, but a fine line is what divides her actions into various contrasting qualities. A fine line that only Kwon Yuri walks, a tightrope, a balance; one that’s needed when the weight of the world is on your shoulders. (oh mangg, that’s a lotta puns…)


Firstly, like all SNSD members, she is both a Soshi and a SONE. In Yuri’s case however, the separation between the two (aside from being a goddess) can sometimes be a bit hard to tell. Presenting small gifts when the others come home from a busy schedule and tuning into live radio shows such as chinchin, black pearl is no doubt, a fangirl at heart. But her love is vast like the pink oceans, and not limited to just her love for that 9-membered Korean girl group.


Her love and thankfulness for fans can easily be seen in the eyes of many. Whether it be in the Melon clip above, or not wanting to leave the stage after the first Into the New World concert in Seoul; her passion and dedication to fans is clearly evident.

Next, are two qualities that Yuri has mastered the balance to: Sexiness and Kkab-ness. While most members are one or the other (or neither XD), Yuri flaunts both like she’s modelling them as accessories. (And in some instances, that’s probably true in a figurative sense) The girl can do a stage performance that will make your jaw hang wide open like a likitung, and imitate one herself as soon as she steps off.. but yet none of it feels out of place because this is the real Yuri.

Gotta catch ’em all!

And speaking of balance, she goes to school.. while taking over the world. Sure, she may not have a full schedule, but she still attends classes when she can, despite practically having a very good path set for her. She redefines work/school/life balance; your FML is no longer valid.

Stay in school, nerds are cool (and hot.. very very hot.)

And lastly, there is a thin separation between what’s real and what’s not amongst her ever-popular pairings: YoonYul twins,  Royal YulSic, MC YulTi, the recently discovered TaeRi, Invincible SunRi, the scandalous SooRi, and the dancing duo HyoRi. (No SeoRi because we know Seobaby ironically might be the only straight one…)

And with a fine line like Yuri’s who can blame them?

by: greeentee + boss lady@snsdkorean