Step away if you haven’t caught up with We Got Married and hate to have your episodes spoiled 😛

After failing twice with her husband on the driving test, the Maknae stepped up her game and finally got her license! Rumors had been circulating for awhile and Seohyun confirmed it herself on the November 27th episode of We Got Married. She even stuck to her words and got the Type I license unlike her unnies who all have Type II 😀 Congratulations~ Ba Bam!

The difference between Type I and Type II is that Type I allows one to not only operate personal cars but also business purpose vehicles. The test for Type I is also harder than Type II.

No word on whether Yonghwa got his but I knew the Maknae would eventually pull through and get her license. Such a persistent lady (: Now maybe the girls can go steal their managers cars and race around Seoul~ Kidding..but really.

source; KissMez on twitter