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Updated with a group photo and fan account!

With this week’s Music Bank & Music Core making way for the Asian Games 2010,we are only left with the broadcast of Inkigayo.

The ladies bidded farewell on today’s stage to their Hoot promotion,which was just 5 weeks long.
Before their actual performance,they appeared on PSY‘s Right Now performance and did the arrow dance.

Right Now :

Hoot :

And the best way to conclude it all? Claiming the Mutizen trophy and earning the triple crown.
Say you’re proud of them. 🙂
Again,they gave a shoutout to Tiffany who couldn’t be there.

Winning & Encore :

The ladies had recorded their farewell stage on Music Core yesterday,however the broadcast is not yet made known.
As for Music Bank,nothing much has been heard of.

Here’s a fan account from bestiz,translated by KissMez@Twitter.

Inkigayo Fan Account

Overall, the girl’s mood looked really good today kekekeke
During the encore, excited laughter can be heard kekeke
Taeyeon unnie threw the bouquet towards the people in the standing section~

Even after the encore finished, they remained on stage and waved their hands at Sones
They held hands and bowed 90 degrees and said thank you

At the end, the 8 of them took a picture kekekekekeke
I wonder if it will be uploaded on Inkigayo’s homepage..keke
Also as Sunny was going in
She said that Fany unnie is no longer in pain and that she is doing well at the dorms and that they will be on stage together next time I think that’s what she said?!
↑ I am not sure about that. It was too loud so I couldn’t hear well

Credit : CodeAnalysisSeason2@Youtube,AA_CHAN@Twitter