Now I know antis are basically FAIL in any community, whoever it is they correlate with, and shouldn’t even be given a second of our thought at all, but Sunny is so jjang and total pwnage that this just deserves to be given a post.

“i think he wanted her to shave her head so he could steal her hair clippings and roll around in them”

The thing it is I find so amazing about Sunny is that she’s sure of herself and doesn’t let things bother her if she doesn’t want to (except for her fear of fire-works, but that’s childhood trauma). Whether she’s catching snakes or chickens, running around in cow-poop, or being yelled out by sad sad antis, Sunny keeps her cool because Sunny. Is. Kewl.

Actually Sunny has a pretty cool history with antis; she’s helped girls who hated her when they got in trouble, and she’s joked around with and worried about kids who told her up-straight they didn’t like her. In the end they all end up as her fan haha. Sometimes I’m even jealous of SNSD’s antis; the girls treat them so well.

Anyhow because it has ended up as such, let’s end this Sunny-appreciation post with some good ol’ random cuteness.

Just remember guys; don’t ever let antis bother you~ ^^ They think they’re bigshots but really they’re just immature haters who are outnumbered 1:1000 by cool fans like us B). You gotta have alotta love to be a good person, yosh?
Plus it’s actually good to have antis around. I know so many SONEs who were either antis first and fell for SNSD’s charms, or they stumbled upon stuff posted by antis and ended up SNSD-fans because of it. Seriously, just ask around. ;D

Edit: Apparently this also could’ve been as a joke as well (as in a fan just teasing Sunny and she just responds accordingly). Our apologies if this was misinterpreted~ Either way, you can’t but help fall for the short one can you?

Thanks to commenter basmark for the tip. ^^

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Thank you to one of our readers; sunshine, for the tip heheh.