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With Tiffany probably cooped up at home with her leg in massive cast, her Japanese fans have it upon themselves to make sure their sentiments cross the ocean separating their two nations to reach her. 

The piece was posted in the Korean newspaper “Daily Sport” November 26th and relays the same message in three different languages; Japanese, Korean and English. “The world is missing you Fany Fany Tiffany. We sincerely hope that you make a quick and complete recovery.” It seems Shoujo Jidai‘s presence really is noticed in Japan, as the news of Tiffany’s injury was also reported in Japanese newspapers when it happened.

Isn’t that incredibly sweet of J-SONEs? I really hope it reaches Tiffany, she’s probably been in need of some cheering up recently, with her teammates off filming in Japan without her. Himnae Fany-ah!

article; procrastinatoress@snsdkorean
source; hiros2008@twitter, pastelpinkheart.com, SONEternity