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Herr0: updated with full episode (unsubbed)

+ Added another cut

+ Added 3 more cuts

+ Added another cut, the ‘bubble cut’

Though Tiffany recorded this ‘Star King’ episode two/three weeks ago, it was just aired earlier today and I must say that she looks friggin gorgeous in this episode.

At the moment, this is the only cut of her that surfaced; when more are found, the post will be edited and it will be indicated at the top.

It looks like this particular episode marked the 200th ‘Star King’ episode and according to Wikipedia, the show has been around for 4 years, considering that it started airing in January of 2007. I’m glad ‘Star King’ has been consistently airing for 4 years because  I would miss it badly if it stopped. It’s definitely an entertaining show and I love it when the girls appear on ‘Star King’.

Anyways, moving on to Tiffany’s cuts.

Notice during the “down down down” part, Tiffany did her own thing. (EDIT: people are also thinking that when Fany wasn’t fully healed from her injury because when she was doing the “down down down” part, she didn’t  go all the way down)

[Tiffany at 1:04]

[Tiffany at 0:18,: 0:42, 1:22-1:35, etc.]

Full episode: http://www.dramabean.net/show/SBS-Star-King/

Alternative link: http://weeklykpop.wordpress.com/2011/01/29/110129-star-king/

I have to point out that I totally love her outfit!


I wished all 9 of them were in this episode, but I guess Tiffany is the only one in this to make up for the December episode  she missed out on–which the other 8 members recorded but she was M.I.A. due to her injury.

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