More comments and an extra clip added – Soofany

Earlier on at 7PM KST,our girls(excluding Tiffany) performed Hoot & a short version of Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) together with actress Song Yoona at the above mentioned event.
The event wasn’t officially broadcast live until nearing 3 hours later at 9:55PM. Check out the performance as follows.

Hoot :

Tell Me Your Wish (With Song Yoona) :

Credit : CrazyCarrot270@Youtube
And I’d like to thank for those who performed us today, SNSD… especially Jessica thank you!“… LOL he stole my speech! Just kidding, but it’s nice to see our girls appreciated…. I think the production team/SM were smart this time to bring out a guest performer… brought in a lot more cheer!

And I agree with everyone, our girls look drained out. Sunny hardly smile and her dance moves were lacking power; Jessica vocals were lacking; Yuri sounds even more out of breathe than usual; Sooyoung’s second solo looks super lonely without Fany, esp since Sunny looked so tired (3:25-3:30ish why oh why do they zoom in and give her solo time when she’s not doing her best!?); Definitely not their best as a group, I hope they get some more rest for the second round of Music Stations this week >o<!

Super thanks to SoneLima for the tip and Rsik4SNSD for uploading the clip!