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Earlier on this afternoon,our ladies & SME‘s representative,Kim Youngmin,attended the above mentioned event,where they discussed matters on their overseas activities as well as future plans.

Quoting a translation from fanwonder,

Kim Youngmin attributes SNSD’s success to three main factors – abilities, planning and adaptability to media changes. SNSD, whose success becomes the envy of many singers in United States and Europe, are committed to conquer the Asian market.

In matters related to the Chinese market, Kim Youngmin said that the girls who had a concert in Shanghai and recently in Taiwan have been learning Chinese since their debut. For their performances in Asia, they have learned many different things as well. He hopes that in the future, there will be opportunites for the girls to perform in China again.

Here are some pictures.

The conference was broadcasted on a Japanese TV channel and you can check it out under the cut.

If you take a closer look,you would realise that Sooyoung was not present at that moment. Reason being?
According to her mum,she tripped and has got some bruises. May she have a speedy recovery!

Credits : DC,fanwonder,hirobmwm52811@Youtube & PeteSamchon@Twitter