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The girls were recently featured on “KBS Entertainment Relay,” where they were interviewed by Kim Taejin, a KBS reporter, before their Music Bank comeback stage. One of the questions Kim Taejin asked was what they wanted to do in the future. In reply, the girls answered, “We hope to do broadcast of ‘SNSD Radio’.”

Jessica added, “If it happens, I hope the DJs will be rotated on daily basis. When we talk, there will be a lot of funny stories and we will be making a lot of noise”.

Sooyoung also added, “Then, invitation for guests to be on the show is also not required. We have so many members, thus, there is no need for guests,” but Jessica responded that she still wanted to invite guests.

The reporter, then asked who, in particular, would Jessica want to invite as a guest to their radio program and Jessica dorkily looked at the camera and replied, “well..everyone!”

In this particular clip of “KBS Entertainment Relay,” you can also see footages of the girls backstage on music bank, giving out their new “Hoot” mini-albums to other singers and watching other singers’ performances.

Hopefully, the video will be subbed and we can say what else the girls were saying :]

Sources: [Video] Geewibble@Youtube + [Translations] asiae.co.kr & fanwonder