lol Don’t ask me why I chose this picture..

You’re ghei~

Kidding..fanboys don’t light your torches at me. But it seems that GeeTee was right, Sica has been so absorbed into TaengSic that she’s even sung about them on stage!

Start watching at 1:27 for Jess’s part:

What’s so special about that part? Instead of singing “You’ve fallen for other women’s tricks” she said “You’ve fallen for other men’s tricks”! Fine, maybe her lover turned gay but I’d like to think otherwise 😉

Jessica quickly come to her own defense as she posted on woorisica:

everyone! shhH! don’t spread this. I’m sorry. i’ll say “other women’s” next time.. muhehehehehe lol lol

credit: hiDism and cathode.@ soshified