From being the #1 girl group in South Korea(and possibly the whole world),to achieving #1 on both various music charts and polls.
Our girls never fail to surprise us all.
Now they have been chosen to be featured on gift certificates! And that’s right,they are the FIRST ever star to do that!
A big congratulations to them!

These certificates could be used as a cheque for the travellers and they could use it basically anywhere in Korea!
They will be sold in a set of 10,with nine individual prints and one group print. Each certificate is valued at approximately 10 dollars each.
I wonder if they would do a whole new photoshoot just for this purpose.

Whether or not other stars be given the opportunity to be featured on the certificates in the near future is all up to the response to that of our girls!
To conclude it all,refer to the second sentence of the post.

Source : nate