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zheming : Updated with better quality video at the end of the post!

Recently on the radio in Japan, a snippet of Gee Japanese version was played. Apparently Japan broadcasts some parts of upcoming songs on the radio to build up the hype before the official release. Not really any confirmation as of now if this was an actual leak or just something to get people excited for Japanese Gee. Either way it’s sure getting me excited 🙂 The song sounds super cute (naturally) but I still prefer the Korean version haha.  And for some reason all of them sound the same….I’ll give it some time. Anyways, the official release date of Gee is October 20th so don’t forget to get your CD!

Here’s the pretty LQ recording of the song off the radio. Listening to this LQ version brings back memories of getting hyped up for their Gee comeback…

Update – One of our commenters, Koyu, submitted this comment to our previous post, apparently the uploader of this vid!

Hello.I’m a Japanese.

I love 少女時代. and I love this blog, too.

Always thank you for much information, pic and vid.

I heard a Japanese version of Gee today in a supermarket.

I recorded it with a mobile telephone.

Thanks Koyu for sharing!

[IP address of commenter confirmed to be originating from Japan.]

Update – Here’s the radio rip version of the song and it sounds a lot better. Do remember to purchase the albums to support the girls!

Credit: soompi, tndmaeum & iheartanythingtv@youtube