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It probably hasn’t been very obvious, but we do have some Taeng bias writers on here!

Although we’ve been primarily covering the content from SM Town in LA, the girls also performed in Shanghai on September 11th as previously mentioned. A new fancam of our little kid leader in the bus after the Shanghai concert is going to melt chu~

The camera was semi-steady until Taeng revealed the heart.. then it just went all over the place for a few seconds. XD

Also, there is another account of her kindness from the owner of a piercing shop, thanks again to silis for the translations~

NaNa is a piercings accessory shop located near SM building used by the girls and other celebs.


SNSD Taeyeon to NaNa~ Banchak Banchak Nooni boosheo~ Lots of pretty piercings here ^__^# The Best !!


I like Taeyeon.

I have known Taeyeon since her high school days

Her face and personality are still the same.

In high school she kept bugging me to get her ear pierced

Saying she’s a trainee and going about in her school uniform I thought “That little kid would she become anything..”

I worried for her but unmistakably she became SNSD

and greatly celebrated which made me delighted as if my own daughter became a star.

Sometimes she would come in early in the morning wearing a baseball cap and in a bare face

and with my poor eyesight I would try to figure out who it is.. and at that moment

she would say “Hi~ It’s Taeyeon~” and then I would burst out laughing… hehehe

Taeyeon who is so busy everywhere would come to my shop every once in a while and sign a bunch for me.

Friends’ requests.. or my customers’ requests.. there are mountains of autograph requests here.

Without even a hint of annoyance she would sign them pleasantly and disappear like a shadow

Adorable Taeyeon I am thankful

Unnie will get lots of pretty piercings here for you..

It really is the small things that count, and Taeyeon is a perfect example of that (pun intended). As leader of the girl group that will soon be on top of the world, she does so many subtle things that we wouldn’t know about if it weren’t for these accounts. Taking the time to do autographs in the morning despite her busy schedule and thinking about the fans in the heat of the concert, these girls deserve every bit of praise that they receive.

“If you’re still Girls’ Generation in the next lifetime, I will still be a SONE.”

I read this quote from a while back somewhere, but I don’t remember the source. I thought this would be the a good time to use it.. ❤

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