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It’s been a little over a month since YulTi left Music Core, and the program still hasn’t decided on the next MCs to replace them yet. Talk about tough shoes to fill! Thankfully, the show’s two favourite girls will be back to MC again on September 30th, with the airing being October 2nd. MuCore is pretty lucky, considering the girls are currently promoting in Japan for Genie; it must be tiring to go between the two countries constantly for different activities. I hope they take care of themselves. =/

In addition, an older, but recently translated account of a Samyang CF staff member provides some insight into the success of the Samyang campaign with SNSD.

The dark horse of CF industry, girl group ‘SNSD’ and their story 2010/06/25 by 律

Last fall after the new Samyang CF went on the air with the catchphrase “Chingoo ramyun Samyang ramyun(For friends it’s Samyang Ramyun)”, there were two things that I heard the most from people around me.
One was that they changed their taste in ramyun to Samyang after the new CF went on the air.
The 2nd thing was that they asked, “Did those models in the CF really eat the ramyun?”

I was greatly proud of the overwhelming response and 2 weeks after the airing of the CF the advertiser(Samyang) indicated they were startled with the result, and I learned that the catchphrase will continue to be used as Samyang Ramyun’s slogan.

It was a meeting of a slim-bodied slick-looking girl group and an instant food product so it was expected that there would be a question like the one above. And I answered them personally like this:

More than what’s shown on foreground, it is behind the scenes that SNSD girls really show themselves as natural shining models.

It was a project that proceeded swiftly and after the first CF aired I remember the camera team telling me they were frustrated that they couldn’t shoot to portray the eating scenes better when these girls were such good eaters.
As one staff at the set told it, first it was the surprise of “Huh these girls eat so well like for reals”, then in the end the surprise turned into a trust, of the model SNSD, who constantly entertained the filming set with their cheerfulness and energy. Beyond being in a CF seen by public SNSD was the naturally right one for Samyang Ramyun.

The Samyang Ramyun CF was a rare case where the advertiser already had the model in mind before contacting us, so with just few discussions the general plan was set without much difficulty.
Our work was to maximize in portraying the liveliness of SNSD and so we made the easy to learn dance moves and we chose the Bubble Bubble melody which was simple yet addicting for people like Gee was.

And the result was beyond all expectations. Leaving the doubts behind the friendly and bright image Samyang Ramyun was pursuing synced perfectly with SNSD.
Now when people think of Samyang Ramyun they think of SNSD who gather around cheering “Chingoo ramyun Samyang Ramyun”. The results speak for itself.

The CF industry has obvious needs. There’s a reason for this idol girl group achieving success after success.
The basic condition for CF models endorsing public consumable products is to be comfortably approachable. And if the model has a public-wide name recognition in addition, then it would be the prime choice of models. It is rare to find models who can fulfill these simple but very difficult conditions, and SNSD is that rare breed.

But beyond all these talks I most want to praise their characteristic vivacity, SNSD is like a blank slate and I want to try to color their charms as much as possible in the next CF projects I’ll be doing with them. It is a quality you can’t easily find even among the most outstanding top models, it is these girls’ greatest strength.

If they had a high point in 2009 with the glory of Gee in the music industry, their heyday in CF industry is just getting started.

The Soshinfluence just doesn’t stop, and it looks like Samyang certainly enjoyed the success they’ve received. It only made sense when Samyang renewed their partnership with the girls a while back (and thus continue to provide us with SNSD goodies). ^^

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