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With no doubt, it is true that SNSD has performed exceptionally well with their Japan debut and promotions. With topping the Oricon daily single charts to second place very recently on the 10th (highest ranking ever on Oricon Daily Single chart for any Korean Girl Group), their success has spreaded all over the nation. More  Japanese celebrity blogs  revealed their love for our Girls.

1. Questions and Answers

Makita Sako – 16 year old member of idol group PASSPO

Q. Do you like Jessica-sama?
Or do you like SNSD?
Or do you like Korea?
Who do you like among KARA?
A. I worship Jessica (^o^) I aspire to be like SNSD! I LOVE everything Korea ❤ Out of KARA I like Jiyoung.

Q. I want to learn about SNSD, so can you recommend me some songs? (゚Д゚?)
A. First listen to GENIE, Gee and oh! And after you get into those you should listen to run devil run (o´ω`o) Songs from when they debuted are also good! <- In short, everything is good lol lol

Q. Do you know all the names of the SNSD members?
A. I know them all (^^)
I’ve liked them for around one and a half years ♪

Wakita Rina – 12 year old model

Q. What K-POP do you like?
A. I like SNSD ❤

Oku Yuri – 23 year old fashion model

Q. Do you know all the names of the SNSD members?
A. I know them all (^^)
I’ve liked them for around one and a half years ♪

2.  Blog extracts:

Matsui Erina – 23 year old Gravure Idol

I want slender legs like Korean group SNSD!!!!!!!!!!

Fukumoto Emi – 14 year old fashion model
Good evening \(^O^)/
It’s Fukumoto Emi! ♪
Today I went and bought SNSD aka Shouji Jidai’s CD (*^_^*)
After this I want to watch the DVD that’s inside!
See You…

Watanabe Shiho – 22 year old former member of AKB48 in the original Team A and also former Team B member.

We had lunch today at the limited period SNSD (whom Otsukarei loves) music café (?) !
Today we didn’t have Korean food, but we had Indonesian food! Nasi Goreng was delicious ♪

In the shop there were panels and PVs streaming, all sorts of SNSD things~ [Note: A PV stands for “promotional video” same thing as an MV]

When “GENIE” was streamed the thoughts of singing and dancing blissfully at karaoke ran through Otsukarei’s head.

Generally when Otsukarei’s spirits and vocal tone is low and her favorite thing comes about, strangely her bad mood goes away and her spirits are raised.

Ogata Sayaka – 25 year old fashion model

Lately I haven’t been doing my best at exercising and my legs are paying for it.
I haven’t forgot to care for the muscles I have used by massaging them and stretching.
But my goal is to have great legs like SNSD!!

Yeah…:D Who wouldn’t love SNSD? (and their admired legs)

Girls’ Domination for the win!

Credits: Kanki, Soshistruck @ Soshified