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Tiffany’s legendary trademark – her lively smile.

Tiffany’s ‘Eye Smile’ has been spotted once again! It is simply heart-melting. Her adorable face, with a new ‘doll’  hairstyle for the Japanese debut, once again shines with life (well it does all the time anyway) and melts the hearts of many netizens and online communities. 

As seen in videos, especially in Into The New World MV, Tiffany’s cute ‘eye smile’ has been captured numerous times. I’d have to admit, it melts away my heart and brightens up my day. Well, doesn’t it to us all? 😛

After Tiffany’s appearance in the Fuji TV Sakigake on the 9th this month, photos of her ‘eye smile’ have evolved around the internet and gained popularity really fast. In the photo, Tiffany’s hairstyle is simply a-doll-able, and with her cute ‘eye smile’ and more of a sharper chin appearance (as seen in many Japanese style photos) she looks absolutely fabulous.

Anyway, instead of me blabbing on and on about the photo, check it out for yourselves 😀 (note: the above photos aren’t recent ones)

Credits: SoshiStruck @ Soshified

Written by: Annabananaz@snsdkorean.wordpress.com