Okay fine, total exaggeration but I’m sure sometime down the road…SNSD could just take over this world. 😀 As we all know, SNSD is currently in Japan promoting and this following post will just be a quick update of all the amazing things that are going on for SNSD after their single was released! Check it out~

First off, the Japanese Genie MV was released on itunes and it is now currently (or was) number 1 on the Japanese music video chart! Amajjing right?? The girls’ single also made it into the top 5 slots of the Oricon daily chart. Keep in mind this is competing with the other Japanese artists too so it’s quite the amazing feat!

Next…who doesn’t want this for their room?

Currently at Tower Records’ Shinjuku and Shibuya shops it is decorated to commemorate the release of SNSD’s first single “GENIE”.

Life-Sized panels and posters as well as a signed apron are displayed at Tower Records shop in Shinjuku. There is an extra large display inside the entrance of the Shibuya shop. There is a display inside the shop of signed colored papers and picture panels. Also, next to the Shibuya shop at LUMINE Shibuya 1st Floor is “Café Manduka” which will have a limited edition collaboration display of SNSD until September 12th.

For details visit Tower Records Online and Café Manduka’s homepage for confirmation.

Translated by: Kanki@Soshified.com
Source: [LINK]

DAMNNN girls! So much love I can feel it all the way over here in my dorm! Sweeet. I’d love to fly back to Japan right now and just go to Tower Records to see this.

Anddd last but certainly not least, Rekochoku announced their Video Daily Clip Ranking and Incoming Movie Daily ranking and no big deal, SNSD once again tops the list! The girls are number one in both catergories! Congratulations congratulations~~ bam.

So proud and so happy for the girls ❤ And I can’t wait to see them on the Japanese shows down the road! For those who doubted the power of Soshi, well smack in yo face. Kidding.

Sources:  Kanki@Soshified.com, aseo @ soshified