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So our girls recently attended an interview section over at a Japanese show ‘Sakigake‘. Check it out in the following.

In courtesy of nincomboob@Twitter,translation under the cut!

Starting from 3:22 to 7:01 of the video:

Q: What’s your feeling after debuting in Japan?

Tiffany : DOKI DOKI (doogeun doogeun) Nervous!

Taeyeon : Even since debut, this was our dream and so now that we are finally here we are very happy.

Q: How was your showcase?

Sunny : Instead of anticipating it I feel very thankful that so many people came and how should I say it, all of us were moved when we saw the pretty balloons. So when we were on stage and saw it we were moved.

Seohyun : “This is our first appearance with such a large audience, I can feel that we are loved,” is what I thought and felt and so I am thankful and I’ll work harder.

Q: Tell us how you have/keep/shape such beautiful legs.

Tiffany : All of the members do a lot of stretching. When we are at dance practice we stretch and later we stretch more. We are always doing stretches.

Seohyun : Also, since we always wear high heels our feet hurt and so when we sleep we rest our legs at an incline to get good blood flow to our legs.

Q: Was there any hard Japanese words (lyrics in their song)?

Tiffany : Sunny’s part…

Sunny : “Mae ni susumu nara” (Everyday seems to be…) The “susumu nara”…

Tiffany : That part is very hard!

Sunny : (In Japanese) It was a bit hard…

Seohyun : “Tsujitsuma awasu you ni” (Together we will be…) *laugh* Yes…

(In Japanese) Yes, it was a bit hard.

Jessica : The pronunciation is very new and beautiful and I think that it suits the song well.

Tiffany : For the members, it’s our pronunciation. And so though there are some members that can’t do it well yet *nervous laughter* we’ll work harder. During our Japanese practice/study we always have fun and we’ll continue to happily learn it.

Taeyeon : Even the english “S.O.S” was hard for me!

*everyone laughs*

Q: Are there some things you are interested/curious in (in Japan)?

Sooyoung : Yes, for me last time I came to Japan I went to DisneySea and it was very fun. So I want to go there with everyone (all my members). ♥

Yuri : For me eating. In Korea, I liked takoyaki (Fried octopus balls) and so I want to eat alot of them here in Japan.

Hyoyeon : I also like food and I like soba or Japanese ramen.

Taeyeon : For me, coming to Japan I heard the drinks and candy is very delicious.

Jessica : I really like sweet things. So in Japan I heard that the desserts like cake and bread are very good. And I want to eat my fill of it! *cute giggle*

Yoona : I heard that the winters in Japan are very beautiful and so I want to go there once.

Seohyun : I would like to go to an onsen (hot spring) with my unnies!

*girls tease her by “oohing and ahhing,” Fany says, “You’re the only one who is thinking about your health!”*

Source : Soompi
Translation : nincomboob@Twitter
Credit : sssssssss610@Youtube