Actress Kim Taehee (Iris! Sorry I’m not much of a drama person so that’s the only drama I know her in…) was recently on KBS’s Win Win. When asked if there are any female celebrities that she would introduce to her brother Lee Wan, she mentioned our leader Taeyeon.

“Taeyeon can sing well and seems like she has a good personality, so I think it would be nice if I could introduce her to him.”

I don’t know about you but if I knew any of the SNSD members, sorry I might keep them around before introducing them to anyone 😛 Kidding..sharing is caring….dot. Well this just adds on to the enormous list of people that would love to bring SNSD home, introduce them to other people, date them, etc. No big deal. 🙂

source; taengbear@soshified.com, Hankuk Kyungjae

Written by; boss lady @snsdkorean