We had seen most of our girls’ Star Call previously and it seems like deer Yoona is next up!

In courtesy of one of our commenters,Taengoo,for the translated message.

Hi, Its been a while.
To the many people waiting for “Im Actress”
(alligator laugh)
Uhh… I really want to act as well but,
I haven’t prepared yet
And I have been wanting to fulfill my SNSD activities
So for now i’ll be doing so
And when there is a good production and my skills have improved
At that point, I will again, come back to you as Im Actress.
I have to improve and will take a while since I have yet to even start preparing.
So just wait please and watch the SNSD activities.

I couldn’t help it but cracked up upon hearing her laughter at 0:08,and she’s looking as amazing as ever!

Source : Facebook
Credit : lmchoding@Youtube