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Hello everyone,

I’m here in LA for SM Town and everything has been amazing for the most part (except for maybe that one transit trip.. now I understand why everyone drives lol). Anyways, here is my fan account from yesterday.

When I arrived at the expected gate for the plane that was supposedly carrying the artists, there were already lots of fans from various groups with signs standing around and waiting for the arrival of the artists. Shawols (SHINee fans) were especially jjang, with this big sign:

We were waiting for a while, and saw people come out with their luggage, but no sign of the artists at all. Suddenly, a bunch of people just started running.. so it seemed like they had received some news or fansighting and everyone else followed along. As it turns out, they were using a different gate so by the time we got there, a few of the artists had already left without anybody noticing.

After crowding around the doors at the new gate, Yuri (?) and Yoona came out (I couldn’t really see if it was Yuri, it was too hectic). There weren’t any rails or anything setup and security was telling everyone to back off. It seems the officials were surprised by the sudden influx of people/fans screaming, and the 2 girls had an entire crowd of people surrounding them (while being protected by security), so I’m glad that the security did their job. I think YoonYul had it worst because they were the first artists to come out after everyone came over so it was really really chaotic and it happened so fast too. I couldn’t take any pictures because of the situation, and I was also probably in too much awe at the same time.

Yoona is quite short IRL, but really really pretty. It’s hard to imagine that photos don’t do her justice. She also waved at the fans before she boarded her van. It was kinda disappointing that it lasted so short (and with no sights of the other girls), but no complaints.

SHINee, some SUJU, and BoA came soon after, but things were a bit more organized now and a pathway had sorta been formed, although still quite chaotic. BoA took a roundabout path which turned out for the better, and I was surprised she went this route because that’s where I was so I got to see her up close (2m away??!!). She’s also really short, and just kinda shyly walked by with security guards.

Since taking pics wasn’t very helpful because of how hectic and fast things were, I just decided to switch to the dica for vids after a bit. I got some vids of the latter SUJU members. They looked really cool as they walked by, and there was lots of high pitched screaming + OMGs that could be heard. The gates closed a while after and we were told that there would be no more artists coming, so it seems we were kinda late in the discovery. Here are the vids taken:

I hope all SONEs, ELFs, Shawols, Shapleys, Cassies, Club K.I.T’s, Traxians, Jumping BoAs, and T-Express(?) will have a wonderful time at this concert and mutually share photos/videos. Let’s get along and behave respectfully. =)