So as the SM artists hit the soil of USA, as per usual, many people were flocking to get a good glimpse of their favourite idols. fan vids and accounts after the cut, firstly, a vid from one of our regular cahtter on chatroll, Love you long time nori!!

This dude kinda goes overboard by touching Yoona on either the arm or shoulder from behind

Also a vid by Soy, but via twit vid

Fan Accounts:

Omg! I couldn’t believe I saw Yoona right in front of me!! I was running behind her the whole time screaming YOONA!! Her smile is soo beautiful! All those fan accounts about Yoong being small and prettier in person…its so true!! I got to witness it myself….SOOOO GODDESS-LIKE!!! I was right behind her trying to give her the gifts but she didn’t see me and the security wouldn’t allow it T_T

It was totally crazy and this is like my first time chasing an artist around! lol But for Yoona, its really worth it!!! Can’t wait for Saturday!! It still feel so surreal….I ACTUALLY SAW YOONA IN PERSON!!

cre.: Miffy @ ssf


On Thursday 2nd September 2010, @kimmiemai (twitter) said:

OMG!!!! I saw YURI at the airport!!!! We and few hundred other fans were waiting at the front entrance for them to come out. After an hour or two, a group of them just ran off. We were like what the heck? Should we follow? Eventually, we did. Later we learnt It turned out Jessica’s van left; the girls came out on side entrance. We ran over out and over. And dear lord! I saw Yuri, YoonA, Tiffany, and Taeyeon behind the glass door!!! KWON YURI is the cutest thing I ever see! *FAINT* Without bias, SNSD are like goddesses! They couldn’t get out because fans (including me) and securities were literally blocking the way. They did manage to get out and I was literally chased after them to the van. Of course I screamed YURI, YURI. I think she heard cause she was trying to look to her back but the scene was too hectic. They got in the van. I saw the front window was half open, so I swing in my YulSic’s gifts and towel. Muahaha!! I saw the guy passed the gift down, so Yuri should get it. Not so sure about the towel.

Then the other groups came out in a more orderly manner. The securities told us to lined up into 2 lines. I saw BOA up close, so close that my camera caught her. I thought I was recording, obviously it was just my thought. I didn’t press record. Dumb me!

But oh my lord, I saw KWON YURI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *faint*

Credits: SkaForKids, HaDaO9, crazykidyea87, sti5693, hypnoticASIA1, xoxChiBi07xox, Soy, kimmiemai, Miffy