Every time SNSD travels out of the country, there are always exploding amounts of fan cams and accounts about the girls. This time their trip to LA for the SM Town Live is no different. Hit the “more” button to read and watch the clips of our nine girls 🙂 (Their style outside of the performing stage is amazing~)

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Now to the fan accounts!

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[NEWS] What happened during the flight to L.A. [Trans]

For the first time, SM’s take a charter flight. The singer and actors in
the aircraft could not suppress their excitement. When the plane took
off, the captain just finish broadcasting of what to take note of, Super
Junior’s Leader, Leeteuk grabbed the microphone, and said it funnily,
“I am the official spokesman for the SM, Leeteuk, I hope you enjoy trip.
In a moment time, we will serve food and beverages.”

In addition, Girl’s Generation Yoona dressed up like a stewardess, said:
“I hope you enjoy the trip.”

Kim Min Jong and Kangta served beverages for everyone. They pushed the
cart to all the colleagues to distribute beverages, also proposed a
toast ‘wishing the performance success.’


OMG GUYS!!!! I JUST SAW YOONA AGAIN!!! She was with Yuri and they splitted up, Yoona went into the convienent store and I followed her and managed to hand the my gifts to her and she smiled and said ” thank you” it was the sweetest voice ever!!!! Omg! She is soooo pretty…she had on just little makeup…I followed her to victoria secret and took some pics of her looking at bras LOL I will post up some of the pics/videos later. I’m so in heaven right now, not really registering anything properly…I just can’t I came so close to Yoona ALONE!! And she was carrying my gift bag!
cre.: Miffy @ssf

LOL at the bras thing.

Round 2 = Success!

After breakfast, my friends and I went to Macy’s Plaza because that was the only close mall around. There was Victoria Secret – one of Yuri’s favorites? We walked around aimless for awhile, depressed cause we really didn’t know where to find the girls.

When we were sitting, my friend yelled “YoonA!” I looked up and saw YURI! One of my friends followed YoonA, while my other buddy and I caught up to Yuri. She looks like human doll, a perfection! We asked for her autographed, and she agreed! While I was searching for my pen (It was sudden. I didn’t have it in hand.), I told her I threw the gift in the van yesterday. She said something along the line that she remembered and thanked for the gift. Her smile is the cutest thing. Before I could get the autograph, her manager came. He rushed her, so she left into Victoria Secret without signing for us.

At first the manager blocked us from entering Victoria Secret. He didn’t realize there was 2 entrances for Victoria Secret. Lol! We got in the other entrance, asked for autograph again. She asked for my name with this cute higher pitch feminine voice. I was out of my head, so I said Royal Family?… Stupid me… She smiled though. So cute!!! As expected she didn’t know how to spell it, so she just autographed her name and printed it in Korean. The bottom she wrote I love u. AH!!!

Yuri spoke a few simple English words, which was super cute!!!!!!! She’s really a work of art! So gorgeous!! You couldn’t really take pix in a retail stores, but I vid cam her back for a bit when she was in line for something. She stood on the wrong line at first and was told to move to the other line. YoonA also joined her a short period. Although my friend and I were aggressive, we couldn’t just leave when knowing Yuri is right there, we ended up standing far away to look at them.

When Yuri left the store, my friend and I didn’t want to follow her. We tried to find with our YoonA’s fan. Apparently she saw Yuri. We knew the exit and followed it. Only then we discovered a whole bunch of fans were standing there waiting!! LMAO!!! I only saw YoonA on the van but I heard TaeYeon and Yuri already got on too.

You couldn’t imagine how cute and pretty Yuri is in real life. She’s already pretty on screen but in real life she’s a goddess! She’s so beautiful. Her English voice is sweet! You have to see her in real life to really experience it. Although I didn’t get to see Jessica, I feel so lucky and thankful getting to see Yuri on both 2 days. It totally made my trip!

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Well let’s just say I’m dying of jealousy.