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*Manber voice* LACHA TA TA lol… I’ve so been bugging my sister with that for days. And even this morning! Got it stuck in her head and whaddya know? I come home late from school but am rewarded with a present!

Oh, and I don’t mean a present that let me know that I’m >>always right<< about whatever I say (though that made me happy) but a present that I thought I would miss because I’d be even busier on Wednesday than I was today!

...did it REALY have to be Krystals hand? -_-

...did it REALLY have to be Krystal's hand? -_-

Here’s their schedule, MV teaser, and a full preview of the song, with a bonus of what the Don thinks!

From the teaser, I already liked the sound of the song in the few seconds. Manber! That was not so very gentlemanly of you! Hold the door open for your noonie and dongsaengs xD

I still like the sound of the song after listening to it once… but I’m not sure about the repeating prechorus(?) verses that weren’t even the chorus. Hmm. I’m excited to figure out Manber’s singing voice because supposedly she has a really good one and she’s not all about the rapping. Oh, and Krystal too. Overall, after three listens, I give it a 6.5/10 only because I was expecting more from the song when I saw the teaser. The song’s somewhat forgettable so…

I was expecting more English since I’m sure more than two (Krystal and Manber) of them can speak English. Well, assuming that Victoria knows English because she’s Chinese…
AND WOW, someone in SM can rap in EngLish?! Sorry Yoochun, I only love you for your compositions and awesome voice (you’re DBSK‘s best!) and sorry Key, as awesome as your English is even for only a one year student, it doesn’t compare to Manber’s! If she wrote that rap by herself, more props cuz it looks like Nicole (she’s the only one I know who has written all the English raps in an entire album) will have some competition!

Oh, and I see some move similar to the one in Yuri‘s Get Right. Maybe she spoiled it again? I remember when Yuri and Sooyoung and some others spoiled Sorry Sorry dance on Ingigayo, I think.

Tama Mama @JPHIP

Krystal: 1 2 3

Luna: 1

Victoria: 1

Seolri: 1

ALL: 1

아티스트 : f(x)
앨범유형 : 싱글
발매일 : 2009. 09. 01
발매사 : (주)SM엔터테인먼트

The song was written by Kenzie and as you know, he’s made hit songs for Boa and for SNSD. He wanted to give the girls an edgy electropop groove song that you could dance to and I think he did pretty alright. The message the song is supposed to convey is something along the lines of “Everybody, let’s live life!” with his ‘witty’ lyrics (though I don’t know how lyrics can be witty if you want that sort of message…).

September 09
09/02 (Wed) [Event]  17:00  f(x) Exclusive Showcase

09/05 (Sat) [Broadcast] MBC Music Core

09/06 (Sun) [Broadcast]  16:10  SBS Ingigayo

09/11  (Fri) [Broadcast]  19:00  YTN Star Live Power Music

09/11 (Fri) [Broadcast] 19:oo – 22-:00 KBS Music Bank

09/12  (Sat) [Broadcast] MBC Music Core

09/13 (Sun) [Broadcast]  16:10  SBS Ingigayo

09/19  (Sat) [Broadcast]  20:30  YTN Star Live Power Music (in front of Youngdeungpo Time Square )

This might be random, but whatever:

This is really weird I’ve never followed a group before debut before. When they say they know languages and stuff I wonder how proficient they are. Like some of the special talents they had for SNSD, Taeyeon spoke Chinese and Japanese Tiffany played the flute and piccolo Yuri played violin and spoke Chinese Sooyoung played the piano Jessica knew ballet and piano ect. and I’ve never even seen them use those. XP

I have a feeling they are gonna do their names officially in the f(Victoria) format. Kind like how they started to say “the grace” after the CSJH members names.

Zoolander @JPHIP

He brings up a good point because I always wondered about that. We all know that Tiffany does indeed know how to play the flute (I mean she does blow Jessica every night)… But the piccolo? Jessica and ballet? (LOL yeah okay).

“Eff Victoria” …. LOL no comment.

Back in the day: Kkangpae Jessi, Terrified Krys

With Lil Jung‘s debut and her branch of the army soon to take care of bidnezz while the main platoon takes a bit of a rest, work still never stops for the Don. Because everyone knows that the Lil Jung has ties with the Don, word spread fast and now more and more of the people are on their toes, anticipating them.

It’s no doubt that the Don is supporting Lil Jung all the way through especially since this will be her first time in the business. Earlier today, she made a statement and congratulated her sister saying “I’m very proud and glad that my little sister is already going to debut. I know that you’ll do better than me with the hard work you’ve been putting into your debut. I’ll always support you. I love you so much. Jung sisters fighting! (in English) I’m always here for you.”

One of Jessica’s representatives stated for her that she might not be able to make it to the September 2nd showcase as she has her own duties of business to attend to but she trusts that her sister and the rest of her enlisted man men will do their job well. However, Jessica will be there for her sister three days later on her day off to watch them perform on their first music show stage.

How touching! The Don is so kind humble ;_; but remember, she’s watching you. And yes, Jung sistas kicking ass! I mean…fighting!


Oh and I heard that Jessi said that she doesn’t get along with Krystal so well (Pooltides, is that why… YOU PSYCHOIC!) but hopes that after debut, they’ll become closer? I guess because of such an age gap and because Jessica was so busy with training, they weren’t close when they were younger. Then of course, the debut two years ago, being busy, and then Krystal was training hard whenever Jessica did have time… But then again, Jessica said that she goes to Appujong (?) with her and Tiffany often and she goes shopping with the two of them. Anyone know anything about this?

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