Recently G.O.D’s lead vocal, Kim Tae Woo attended MBC’s “Come To Play” G.O.D Special, where he revealed that he is a big fan of SNSD’s Yuri and even confessed to Yuri his feelings about her.
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On the show, there was a part of the show titled as “1,2,3 In My Heart” . The MC asked who Kim Tae Woo wished the most to be his sister and his answer was Yuri. He said that the first time he saw SNSD was on TV and at that time, he was currently in the army.

Kim Tae Woo added, “Even if I didn’t watch other artists on music programs, I always watched SNSD’s”

With that said, the show’s production team connected him with Yuri on the phone. Here’s the cut of the conversation where he confessed to her, “I can survive in the army because of you. I have placed your photo in my locker as well”, bringing laughter to everyone [Because of our Yuri, he was a happy camper!]

According to Soshified, on this day, Yuri also said, “Out of the GOD members, I was Kim Taewoo’s fan”, which caussed a strange atmosphere.

Source: Kacey@Daily K Pop News + Soshifed

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