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Our staffers got together to finally host our first ever live Soshicast, which was filled with technical difficulties (our sincere apologies, but we did our best to edit it them all out!). This month, 6 of our lovely staffers discuss Girls’ Generation’s busy February and dive into some interesting discussion topics.

Our first ever live Soshicast was a ton of fun and we hope that even more people will show up for next month’s live podcast. For those that did watch our live stream, we promise that we will fix all the problems for March and beyond, and will work on making the live experience much more enjoyable and interactive. We will definitely be devoting a section of the show for viewers to submit their own questions or discussion topics via stream chat.

This month’s Soshicast featured writers Catfatcat, Dreadtech, FrozenArctic, Plotbunny, Nukem384 and myself (steve).

Unfortunately, Dreadtech was so excited to hangout with the community that he forgot to check whether or not his microphone was working on audacity and our live broadcasting software, so his lovely voice will be missing from the audio file. (We’ll definitely fix this for the next Soshicast). I’m sure it’ll be pretty funny when you hear us debating with what live streamers perceived as ‘silence’ (hopefully we edited most of it out). Again, we apologize and hope you guys understand!

Oh I see...

This month we touched on most of the Soshi highlights, but put more of a focus on MC Generation (YulTi gone T_T, TaeNyHyun replacing yay :D, MC TaeNy in BK, Sunny as the MC for MTV island, etc…), Soshi Drama/Variety Shows (including Sooyoung declining her role in Speed, Yuri’s Fashion King, Tae’s Salamander Guru and our thoughts on Jessica’s kissing scene), and finally Global Generation (their epic stops in New York, Paris, Bangkok, and London). We also went off into our usual tangents and discussed some rather buzzworthy discussion topics.

Please enjoy our Soshicast #18 (Doing It Live!).

Download Link (mp3): SoshiCast #18 – Doing It Live!

Playable Link:

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