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 **The Shoot Out broadcast live in ONE hour (current time 11:06 A.M KST)**


Soshicast #20

Soshicast #20 Bloopers

Probably the fastest Soshicast I’ve cranked out.. weheheh.

And some special news for our more “adult” audience…

Check for more under the cut!

Hot off the press is our April podcast where we talk about The Avengers, TaeTiSeo,

our ideal sub groups, EXO’s awkward cameo in the teaser, Hyoyeon’s upcoming Dancing With the Stars appearance,

plotbunny’s Hulk Keyboard slamming and TaeNy’s takeover on Baek Ah Hyun’s performance.

As for the BIG NEWS, we’re opening a brand new impromptu spin-off on our Soshicast called:


The “Shoot Out” will be a no holds barred, uncut, and uncensored discussion about only ONE topic, unlike the podcasts that cover everything in Soshi world in a month’s time.

The show MAY offend you so it’s not for the weak-hearted, but it’s aim is to give you a more realistic perspective on the good idea/bad idea directions SNSD is headed (of course in our own opinions.)

Our first live show will be on Tuesday, May 1st at NOON Korean Standard Time. (Yes that’s less than 25 hours left :])

Please understand that this is an impromptu show so they won’t be regularly scheduled like the podcasts are; which means, if something is hot out on the press in the world of SNSD –we may do a show about 10 minutes after we catch wind of it. A random Twitter message will go up right away if it happens, so keep your eyes peeled!

Our goal is also to get our opinions out there while the news is still relevant. The first show will also include a special guest who is ABSOLUTELY NO FLUFF when it comes to SNSD. You may learn a thing or two.

Our Tumblr is also alive and IN BUSINESS! So please follow us at snsdkorean.tumblr.com
(Wait for the spam that’s about to ensue heh heh.)

And last but not least please be sure to say hi to our lovely staffers at the upcoming SM Town in California~ ❤ :] (I’ll buy you a Yakult~ :3)

Download Soshicast #20 here!
Download Soshicast #20 bloopers here!