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So, it’s been decided that Dreadtech and I (MAEniac) have decided to step down from SNSDKorean and hand over the reins of Soshicast Shenanigan Hosting to our regular guests and newer generation staffers, plotbunny and stesteste


And I bet you had one of the following reactions too:

And for the sillies used to my bullocks:


Dreadtech is currently being a big action movie star filming overseas and I had a Sica moment and blanked out when there was a scheduled recording for this. MYYY BADDDDD.

So as said earlier, our 2 regular podcast staffers take a crack at the whip in hosting and are later joined by Vansoshi (a.k.a. the dysfunctional cousin twice removed in the SK family) who end up dissecting Paparazzi like crazy.  Come and find out the reason why for the pink dishwashing gloves, SNSD’s triumph in Japan against Lady Gaga and MNET’s (LOL) Choice Awards.

Other parts of the ‘cast include DWTS Hyoyeon’s fall,

SMTown, Seolady’s birthday, Invincible Youth 1 cameos on Invincible Youth 2, and the I.AM Movie screening (which will be available in Los Angeles temporarily for 1 week.)

The BAD ASS PODCAST is coming soon, if you have not streamed with us before this might be the time to.

(Hints: Anniversary, Special Guest(s)…and naughty entertainment?!)

Click me for the download link or just click to listen above! 😀