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Fashion King & Love Rain will be competing head-to-head in the busy Spring Television season and both dramas have now released new promotional teasers.

Bonus: Sunny’s Catch Me If You Can Teaser.

KBS2 Love Rain‘s [1st Teaser has been posted recently on SNSDKorean]

The 2nd teaser features a romantic moment between the two characters played by Jang Geun Seuk and Yoona, where he finds his muse sitting just outside his window.  Judging from the background music in the teaser, the drama looks to have a promising OST.  It will air it’s first episode on March 26th this Spring.

SBS Fashion King‘s 1st Teaser (starring Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Kwon Yu Ri)

Yuri BTS Photoshoot for Fashion King

Fashion King’s teaser seems to give off a different vibe from Love Rain. We’ve got Yoo Ah In shirtless, lost in the desert and screaming his lungs off. It appears to be a little more comedic in story delivery. Personally, I like a sprinkle of light-hearted comedy in my K-Dramas. Fashion King will air it’s first episode on March 19th, a week before Love Rain.

Since KBS2 and SBS will be airing the dramas in the same time slots (21:55) on Monday and Tuesdays, our lovely Yoona & Yuri will be competing directly for television ratings (oh dear). We wish them both great success!

With that said, which teaser has caught your interest more? Fashion King or Love Rain?

Bonus Teaser: Sunny – Catch Me If You Can

As I mentioned in a previous post, our lovely Sunny Bunny will be taking part in the hollywood musical remake of ‘Catch Me if You Can’. Here’s a teaser for your viewing pleasure.

Credits: SoneSoshi9@Youtube.com, Photos @ Tumblr