Attention all SunShiners! Sunny will be making her musical debut for the Korean production of ‘Catch Me If You Can’.

The script of the musical is based around the famous hollywood movie of the same name (which is based around the auto-biographical book by Frank Abagnale Jr and Stan Redding). The story is centered around real life con-artist Frank Abagnale Jr. and his famous run from the FBI. He travels the world depositing millions of dollars worth of bad cheques, pretending to be all sorts of people, ranging from a pilot, attorney, teacher and even a doctor.

Sunny has been casted to play the role of ‘Brenda Strong’ who plays the main love interest of Frank in the story. The con-man falls in love with her, and eventually divulges his real identity, and makes plans to runaway with her. The only thing standing in his way is FBI agent Carl Hanratty, who has been tasked with catching the illusive man.

Other notable SMTown members will participate in the musical alongside our lovely Sunny. The cast will include CSJH The Grace’s Dana (who will split the role or Brenda with Sunny), and SHINee’s Key and Super Juniors Kyuhyun will split the lead role of Frank Abagnale Jr.

Interestingly it looks like SM stars are taking all the starring roles as Tiffany just finished her musical ‘Fame’ just last week. Now Sunny can join Tiffany, Taeyeon, Jessica as the the members of SNSD who have done musicals.

‘Catch Me If You Can’ will be playing at the ‘Blue Square Samsung Card Hall’ in Seoul and will have its first show on March 28th. The production will end on June 10th, so be sure to pick up your tickets soon as they are already being sold and the fans from the 3 big SM fandoms (SONEs, Shawols, ELFs) have already crashed the site with orders.

Performances will be happening every day of the week except for Monday’s with showtimes that begin in the afternoon and end in the evenings (3-7PM Sunday, 4-8PM Tuesday-Saturday).

A teaser for the musical can be found below:

Best of luck to our lovely Sunny who is sure to shine in her musical debut.

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