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Well, it seems that the influence of Girls’ Generation on the Singapore entertainment scene is still being strongly felt, despite the fact that they are no longer physically present here on the fair shores of this island nation. Call it what you will, but you have to admit that our favourite angelic 9 ladies have certainly caused quite a positive stir in the music entertainment scene worldwide. From topping the music sales charts in Japan, having sold-out concerts wherever they perform (Paris, New York, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and, most recently, Singapore), to being featured on news programmes and magazine articles around the world, the young ladies of SNSD have certainly come a long way from their debut in 2007 (and their initial dislike for their group name “Girls’ Generation”). 

Being such a significant influence everywhere they go in the world, it is only natural that analytical articles will be written about their success formulae in the “cut-throat” environment that is the K-Pop music industry (where the average lifespan of a K-Pop music group is about 4 years ;)).

The fact that the ladies are into their 5th year, with the end of their career in this industry nowhere near in sight, speaks volumes about their success in the world today. To top it all off, the largest group of fans belong to the world population demographic that speaks little or no Korean :lol:.

So, what is the secret to the irresistible attraction that is SNSD (aside from the fact that they are all gorgeous earthly angels personified :D) ? Well, according to the author of the “Lifestyle” article, believe it or not, it is the “Power of 9” :). Yes, 9 dorky, adorable, beautiful, studious, sexy, talented, cute, health-conscious, lovable ladies that make up “Girls’ Generation”, and that appeal to all demographic of fans (SONEs and casual fans alike), everywhere in the world, regardless of race, language or religion (especially language :lol:).

Less Isn’t More” is the title of the article and it speaks volumes about how 9 is somehow the perfect number that works to ensure success for our favourite ladies in their bid for worldwide recognition.

Together with the power of the Internet and digital music websites, the members of SNSD have managed to be at the forefront of the Hallyu wave that’s sweeping across the world at a phenomenal rate in recent times.

The author of the article theorizes that each of the 9 members of Girls’ Generation have been conditioned and taught to behave in a certain way to appeal to a particular fan demographic, in order that the group,as a whole, will be successful in the long run (something which the girl groups of the Western hemisphere have failed to grasp) as all “personality tastes” will be catered for.

Personally, I disagree on that point as I feel (as do most SONEs, I believe) that the reason we find the 9 ladies so attractive and irresistible, personality-wise, is because they are themselves, whether on- or off-camera (especially the latter :lol:). This makes them extremely likeable to all and sundry, and that, in turn, contributes tremendously to their popularity with everyone, casual fan or SONE alike. No amount of training or indoctrination can replicate what these 9 wonderful ladies display, day-in and day-out, without someone noticing that it is all just an act to please the fans. These 9 ladies are as real as it gets, and that is a fact.

So, do read-on for the verbatim article printed in this month’s (January) issue of NTUC’s “Lifestyle” magazine and be amazed by the “power of 9” :D. From the looks of things, the author of the article itself is now a SONE, after attending only 1 live concert performance (albeit a full one ;)) by our 9 talented and beautiful ladies. SNSD Jjang !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: NTUC Lifestyle magazine (January 2012 issue), Soshified.com (main header image)