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Yes, it’s official. Our “DeerYoona is now holding an ambassadorial post in Korea. Of course, being the young lady that she is, it’s always good to start with something small ;). So, to prepare for her future role as a representative of the Korean Republic, Yoona has been appointed an honorary ambassador for Joong-gu, Seoul.

The official ceremony took place on the 9th of January 2012, with the mayor of Joong-gu, Mayor Choi Changsik  personally presenting the appointment certificate to Yoona at the local press office.

The Mayor quipped: “I am overjoyed that a busy Hallyu star like Yoona accepted the position for Joong-gu. We have brought the greatest star to promote what is fittingly the heart of Seoul”.

After accepting the appointment, Yoona stated, in her acceptance speech, that it is indeed a real honour to be appointed to such a prestigious position. She was quoted as saying: “I am grateful to be appointed an ambassador of Joong-gu, the center of Korea’s top tourist destination, Seoul. I have heard that Joong-gu will be creating a street dedicated to Hallyu stars and I hope to visit with all of the Girls’ Generation members. As honorary ambassador, I will work hard to promote the beauty of Joong-gu, where tradition and modernity co-exist, far and wide.”

In the coming year ahead, as part of her duties, Yoona will be charged with promoting the various tourist destinations of Myeongdong, Namdaemun, Bukchangdong, Dongdaemun fashion district, in addition to other popular attractions of Joong-gu, as well as specialist local businesses in that region.

Congratulations to our dear Im Yoona for this prestigious appointment 😀 ! Being the well-known “face” that she is in Korea, I am pretty certain that she will do an excellent job in promoting that part of Korea to the rest of the world.

Personally, I’ll definitely try to visit that region now that a member of our favourite K-Pop group is promoting the place as a tourist destination (more so since there is now an off-chance that I may get to see the Girls in person whilst I am there :lol:!).

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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