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On December 9th and 10th, SNSD performed in Singapore for the third leg of their 2nd Asia Tour. On both nights, the Singapore Indoor Stadium was completely flooded with SONEs from all across Asia to see nine ladies do what they do best.

[media-heavy post ahead!]

SNSD opened both concerts with a series of rhetorical “sowoneul malhaebwa”s that resonated across the vast reach of the stadium, followed by the swells of a heavy drumbeat rhythm that emphasised the nine ladies’ every step and overpowering presence, before the song ultimately crescendoed into the long-awaited cry from Tiffany, “Singapore, put it back on!” And that was only the beginning.

This dramatic opening was followed by songs from their Japanese album, older hits and favourites, and sensational solo stages.

It was the first time that ‘The Boys’ was added to the tour’s setlist, and despite a few changes here and there, the girls still performed a staggering total of 32 songs, which kept the audience engaged and excited and fervently beating those pink light sticks throughout the entire night.

Regardless of language, both nights prompted fan chants (listen to that GG!) that were deafening, raw and relentless, an impassioned collective cry that hauled the already alive atmosphere into an even more intense state, and undoubtedly gave the girls the much needed energy to keep performing.

Of course, a Soshi concert isn’t really a Soshi concert without its moments.

Fan events are an opportunity for thousands of fans to collectively show love, appreciation and support for SNSD. After the return of Korea’s girl group, the Seoul concerts in July saw two special events organised by K-SONEs which caught all SNSD members off guard and even brought them to tears. In Taipei, various events (including pink ribbons, pink balloons, green light messages being written out in the sea of pink, and paper messages) were carried out over the span of three days, again drawing out a delighted response from the girls.

This time around, two events were planned (which you can read about in detail here). Unfortunately, the Pink Kallang Wave was unsuccessful, but was redeemed by the success of the paper message fan project. At the end of ‘Complete,’ SONEs held up paper messages, in unison, that read “소녀시대 makes our lives Complete“. The heartfelt gesture moved Taeyeon and Jessica to tears.

The Singapore concerts were hugely successful, not only for tickets selling out within hours and the huge response during both shows, but especially because of the girls’ spectacular performance. SNSD will continue their tour in Hong Kong on January 15th 2012.

I hope everyone who went had a great time~ Tell us about your experience in the comments!

[Main Set]

Opening, Tell Me Your Wish, Mr Taxi, I’m in Love with the Hero, Let It Rain & You-aholic

1. Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) [1/2]

2. you-aholic

3. Mr Taxi (Korean ver.) [1/2/3]

4. I’m in Love with the Hero

Introduction [first night / second night]

Tiffany: “Who was here yesterday? Hands up!”
Taeyeon: “ME! ME! ME!”

5. Let It Rain (Korean ver.)

6. Kissing You
On the first night, Yoona and Seohyun hugged each other during ‘Kissing You’, ignoring kid leader Taeyeon when she ran towards them [video]. The following night, however, they made it up to her by pulling her into a YoonHyun sandwich. :3

7. Oh!

8. Snowy Wish

9. Don’t Stop the Music (Hyoyeon’s solo)

10. Almost (Jessica’s solo)

11. 3 (Sunny’s solo) [1/2]

12. Lady Marmalade (Taeyeon and Tiffany’s duet)

13. The Great Escape

14. Bad Girl [1/2]

15. Run Devil Run

Taeyeon – Devil’s Cry

16. Beautiful Stranger

17. The Boys (English ver.) [1/2]

18. Hoot (Rock ver.)

19. If (Yuri’s solo)

20. Sway (Sooyoung’s solo)

21. Stuff Like That There (Seohyun’s solo)

22. 4 Minutes (Yoona’s solo) [1/2/3/4]

23. Danny Boy

24. Complete [1/2/3]

[Encore #1]

25. My Child

26. Naengmyeon

27. HaHaHa

28. Gee [1/2]


Second night [1/2]

Tiffany: “Singapore, you guys are amazing! How do you feel tonight, Taeyeon?”
Taeyeon: “I feel nice!”
Tiffany: “How do you feel tonight, Seohyun?”
Seohyun: “I feel good, yaaa~”

Tiffany: “We should be giving you all this fun and energy, but we feel like we’re getting the fun and energy so we’d like to thank you!”

Sooyoung: “SONE makes my life complete.”

Tiffany: “Okay, so this is the pretend last song.”

29. Forever

[Encore #2]

30. Into the New World

31. Way to Go!

32. It’s Fantastic

Highlights from Girls’ Generation Ment/Talk:
– Tiffany expressed her thanks for the fans and their love for Girls’ Generation. She even said that Sones are better than chilli crab!
– TaeYeon shouted “I love pepper crab!”
– Jessica said she will not forget this day and hope to have another concert in Singapore!
– Yuri hope to come back to see the Singapore fans again.
– Sooyoung, Hyoyeon and Sunny danced to express their feelings towards the Singapore fans.
– TaeYeon commented that when she came to Singapore for the first time with her family, she enjoyed it. Now that she’s back again, she can feel the same passion she felt back then!

source: Scanation Singapore


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