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Recently Tiffany modeled for InStyle Magazine with cute little baby TaeJu!  Hmm…little babies, SNSD??  Brings me back to the “Hello Baby” days!  But the difference with then and now is the girls are now older and more mature!  If you didn’t know Tiffany like we SONEs do, you’d think she is TaeJu’s mom.  She’s looking mighty mature these days, especially in this picture.  I can see her being a great mommy one day (We’ll just ignore the few weeks she was worst mom on Hello Baby lol)!

This second picture shows her feeding TaeJu a nice warm bottle of milk.  I can’t say enough how mature and mommy like she looks in these pictures.  InStyle sure knows how to choose the right models for the job!  This photo shoot just re-enforces my guess that Tiffany will be the best member in their new variety show coming up.  Her caring nature definitely shines in these pictures!  Tiffany jjang!!

Credits: wonderfulgeneration.net, Instyle, DC