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Girls’ Generation have been receiving explosive feedback from all their Asia solo concerts. Tickets are sold out in mere minutes, and SONEs willingly fly in from all over the world to see Girls’ Generation perform on stage. Seas of pink flood the arena as the Girls come out on stage singing 소원을 말해봐~

I’m genie for the wish.

It’s time for Girls’ Generation to finally connect with their international, and more specifically, US fans. That’s right, after the huge success of their first Fanmeet in NYC and the English version of The Boys, Girls’ Generation is steadily making its way into the US market. With a Maxi Single release just around the corner, a recent website has been created just for the Girls. Can you guess?

That’s right! Girls’ Generation’s official US website is up and running with a 1080p version of The Boys playing as soon as you load the page! This is the website to go to for all the latest updates regarding the Girls’ US event, promotions and releases. From news to bios to their discography, make sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

On a side note, Girls’ Generation’s VEVO is now on Youtube as well, so we can finally watch the English version of The Boys without an error message that the video is not available in our country! Also, don’t forget to “Like” Girls’ Generation’s official Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @girlsgeneration.

Let’s get hyped everyone!! With all these little promotions and releases, we can be certain that the Girls will be making a booming impact in the US music industry! Do I sense a concert coming up in the near future? One can always be hopeful, right?

Keep checking back for more updates regarding US promotions and releases!!

credit: FrozenArctic@SNSDKorean

source: Girls’ Generation Twitter page (@girlsgeneration)

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