The new rhythm game Girls’ Generation SHAKE has been dominating the iPhone gaming world! Since its release on November 18, SHAKE has been topping the iTunes apps charts in the music game category in several countries including Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore, and is also highly ranked in Japan, America, Canada and Australia, once again proving SNSD’s growing popularity around the world.

The app lets you play songs from SNSD’s third Korean album ‘The Boys’ in gameplay similar to that of the very popular Guitar Hero or Tap Tap Revenge. There are two game modes, TAP and SHAKE: TAP involves the traditional finger tapping (and sliding) of notes, while SHAKE “will provide a new style of gameplay where users may feel like a DJ scratching the turntable.” (Guess you have to download the app to find out what that means.) Moreover, SNSD collectible cards can be attained in-game that also double as power-ups, which will surely motivate players to keep Shaking even after completing all the songs.

Previous hit songs by SNSD will soon be added to the application. It is currently available on Apple touch devices in 13 different languages [link], and a version for the Android market is currently in the works.

Shake shake shake shake uh shake it!

Sources: imwhywhy@fanwonder.com, GG Shake Facebook