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Taeyeon and Sunny are like twins: not only can you match their childish faces and petite statures that have led them to be known as the Danshin Duo, but their attitudes and understanding of one another are also matched. Their being roommates means they spend the most time with each other – it means that they understand one another a little more than anyone else.

While the two are dressed in different outfits for the Singles magazine photo editorial, one takes no notice due to their identical figures and expressions. They also sat down with Singles to talk SNSD’s return to the Korean music scene, fashion, and their friendship.

[Interview with Singles magazine]

We asked Taeyeon and Sunny, who are known to be closer than no other from living as roommates for a long time, to show us something denser than love; their friendship. They must have been shy about this type of set-up, and were looking after one another a lot off camera.

The Republic of Korea’s national treasure-like girl group, Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon and Sunny have arrived at the studio after completing their last television schedule. Taeyeon wore skinny pants with a light knit and flat shoes, while Sunny wore jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers. Unless you look really hard, they would have looked like fresh high school students…. As roommates, Taeyeon and Sunny are two members who are known for having a tight friendship within Girls’ Generation. Their looking after one another continued on during their stay in the studio. While they were eating, the two sat together as if they were high school students sharing their meals. After eating, the two disappeared for a moment and soon walked out from the bathroom, giggling while shaking the water from their toothbrushes. They also walked so energetically! When they were walking to the makeup rooms they looked like generals returning from a victory. They looked trustworthy and cute, making me laugh inside. Despite their petite sizes, the two members have pretty good proportions.

After about an hour, they stood in front of the camera wearing one-pieces, and had their hair and makeup done to make them look like twins. The two looked pretty and lovely like dolls, making the staff members go “Wow”. This type of situation must have been awkward and embarrassing for them, and they looked at one another’s transformation, saying “Whoa~”, while touching each other’s clothes, displaying a heartwarming sight.

Read the full translated article at Soshified. Big shout-out to them.

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