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SNSD have won the their third Mutizen Song Award (Inkigayo) for ‘the Boys’! Following Triple Crowns on M! Countdown and Music Bank, this marks their third and final Triple Crown win for this promotion cycle!

Inkigayo was not broadcasted last week, therefore SNSD were awarded the Mutizen Song award for last week’s chart (Nov 6) earlier on today’s show, and at the end also received a third #1 for this week’s music chart. Yoona, Hyoyeon, Sunny, Taeyeon and Seohyun were present to accept both awards. Congratulations once again, ladies!

Acceptance for last week’s win (second win):


Acceptance for this week’s win (third win/Triple Crown):


Encore (Taeyeon fancam):


If you’re wondering why the other four girls weren’t on today’s show, I can tell you that I was wondering where the abovementioned five disappeared to during the 2011 K-pop Music Fest in Sydney; they were no where to be seen at the very end of the concert when all performers came back out onstage. It seems they left the concert venue early in order to catch a flight back to Korea. Keep in mind that they arrived in Sydney on the morning of the same day of the concert (12th). That’s crazy.

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