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SNSD have topped the Mnet M! Countdown music chart for the third week in a row with ‘the Boys’, winning the Triple Crown!

You might have noticed that Yoona was not present for today’s show, most likely due to other commitments, but Tiffany was able to step in during her parts, and the eight members there still performed faultlessly (the stage looked a little incomplete is all D:). Regardless, the girls didn’t forget about Yoona, giving her a shoutout and excitedly announcing that they won during the acceptance speech.

Sooyoung also hosted the show for the night alongside Tony An.

Congratulations once again!


(I keep cracking up at Jessica getting cut off, first by Sunny and then Sooyoung.)

Credit: CrazyCarrotExtra2@youtube; pics: withsosi, heavenlyforest