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and Singapore knows it ! It seems the phenomenally fast rate at which the tickets sold out for the Girls’ 1st solo concert in our sunny Republic has warranted an article in our main daily English newspaper, The Straits Times ;).

The popularity of our 9 ladies knows no bounds and, after for the 9th December 2011 event sold out in less than 4 hours, Running Into The Sun (RITS), the company that is bringing the Girls to Singapore for their 1st solo concert, to their great credit, managed to secure another date (10th December, 6pm, Singapore Indoor Stadium) with SM Entertainment, to allow the 9 earthly angels to satisfy the Soshi addiction of S-SONEs and SONEs from around the region (and the world) :D.

To be honest, with their current comeback stages and promotions around the world, I would imagine the 9 ladies will be pretty exhausted these days. My sincerest wish (sone), and I’m sure the rest of the SONEs will agree with me, for them, is that they will keep healthy and safe as they go about entertaining us fans.

May The Good Lord’s blessings be with them always 😀 !

Please read on for the article and enjoy the chosen photograph that accompanied it (one of my favourites actually 🙂 !). Cheers !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: The Straits Times