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It certainly looks like another brand name company has fallen under the spell of our 9 beautiful young ladies :D.

J. Estina, a well-known luxury bag company recently engaged the talents of our 9 favourite ladies for their new bag range advertising campaign.

Well, it seems the power of Soshi is strong indeed, as the latest J.Estina CF to be released to the buying public has a very interesting tagline attached to it (a play on the “Get Your [—–] Bag” catchphrase used in all the previous CFs released) ;).

All the 9 ladies, as always, look simply gorgeous in this new CF for J.Estina bags (in my humble opinion). See if you agree with me here. SNSD Jjang !!!

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: snsd.jpjestina001@youtube.com, J.Estina