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As many who attended Day 1 of SMTOWN LIVE in PARIS can attest, SMTOWN artistes sure know how to put on a concert of EPIC PROPORTIONS… And of course, our beloved nine were no exception!

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Media footage from the concert courtesy of CodeAnalysisSeason5:

The crowd gave the biggest cheer to Hyoyeon, Sooyoung and Sunny it was insane lol though they cheered for everyone quite loudly ^^

Gosh i screamed my lungs out for Yuri, this crowd is mental i love it, we’re cheering like it’s 2012 Lol

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Good news for Hyo fans : she had the loudest screams when the girls introduced themselves !

Hyoyeon is the most popular SNSD member in France ! ❤

I will end rumors about the girls lookig scarily skinny. They are thin but they look damn healthy.

Even Yuri looks fine and healthy. Stop worrying or criticizing the girls’ bodies if you havent seen them IRL.  they really are normal.

Nobody looks tired or sick ! They are giving their best !!

Sunny was smiling all along the performances so far, seems like she fully recovered ! The girls are so happy and are having an great time.

The girls have never been SO energic and beautiful !

OMG HOOT AND OH! WERE EPIC. The chants for Oh! were the best !!!!

All the girls are beautiful, it’s crazy o_o Hyoyeon and Sunny waved at us omg T0T

Hyoyeon and Yuri were the Queens of the dance battle.

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Hyoyeon OMG everybody scream for her ! ❤

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Lmao everyone is screaming like crazy for Sunny and Hyoyeon !!! The most popular ones LOL

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Yulti, Hyosic,, seori, Seofany

Yuri, Fany, sooyoung dis speak French

The girls were surprised and happy to heard everyone cheer for them

Jessica was jealous of yulti lol

Cheer for everyone are awesome

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The screams for Hyoyeon. Guys. She couldn’t even introduce herself. It was incredible. I think she was shocked but pleased

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THIS. Sunny & Sooyoung were loud too but Hyo it was like an entire stadium screaming for her rofl.

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so much love for hyo and she TOTALLY deserves it! ❤

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Of the soshi girls, Hyoyeon had by far the most (or maybe noisiest) support in the hall.

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Best night of my life T_T

I will post videos later. I was near the stage, and one of the few sone with a lightstick. (= lot of chance to be noticed by a soshi xD)

People went totally wild for Hyo Yeon, it was just craaaaaazy. I thought I would turn deaf because of that. One of the epic moment of the concert.Hyo Yeon reaction was O_O

But she totally deserves it T_T She is extremely kind. I was waving my lightstick like crazy for 3 hours, then she turned her head and made a heart with her hands. She was so cute.

Sunny has a hot body, lol, I was amazed. She waved directly at me too (I will post a video later ><), same with Tae Yeon, Soo Young, Seo Hyun and Tiffany. I feel like dying of happiness. They are just extremely kind and cute !

I will post pictures and video later ^^ Because I took about 400-500 pictures x_x

But I really love these girls, and I love them more since tonight ❤


“Jung sistres OMG !!! SO beautiful !!!”

“Goddess Sica ! SO pretty !”

“SeoKyu duet ! Seobaby pretty !”

“Lmao everyone is screaming like crazy for Sunny and Hyoyeon !!! The most popular ones LOL”

“Gee OMG !!! Fany just said listen Paris !!! Everyone is crazy !!!”

“6000 persons singing along OMG it’s crazy !!!”

“Sorry sorry alltogether !!!”

“OMG Sooyoong threw a teddy bear right on me and…and I didn’t get it…”

“Hyosica so cute omg”

“HyoRi acting like dorks lol”

“Hyoyeon having fun in the back with Yoona lol”

“Hyoyeon is having goosebumps because she’s moved by everyone’s cheering <3”

“It ended with hope but nobody sang LOL they were all thanking us ToT”


On Saturday 11th June 2011, @sunshinerMD said:

FANACCOUNT OF SMTOWN 10/06/2011. IT WAS EPIC AWESOMENESS. One of the most incredible thing I’ve seen, EVER. Everyone was dancing, jumping, cheering, singing and all… It was just perfect. So yeah I am @sunshinerMD and I was with@realju9 / @kourai32 / @dolls_9 / @yumiha13 / @lain25 / @poufchka. Someone was shaking her lightsticks so hard that it actually broke. We were cheering for everyone but we are big fan of SNSD & f(x). I don’t know lol maybe I should sleep first to write this… this was like a marathon. We were out of breath but we were dancing and screaming the name of each of our biases. Sunny & Hyoyeon got the loudest cheers, the others had very loud cheers but Sunny’s was mindblowing and Hyoyeon… lol I don’t even have a word to describe how it was. You know they were 6,000 people tonight ? Well I think 6,000 were screaming Hyoyeon’s name lol literally. I had to put my hands on my ears because it was SO loud.

This was very funny because @Lain25 and I really wanted to buy goodies, so we just waited for a little talk session where no one was really performing and went to the entrance where they sold goodies. We go out and BAM we hear the music from the dance battle we were like “NOOO” and ran back to our seats rofl. But yeah really it was epic, really good atmosphere, everyone was cheering for everyone, at least from where I was standing since some people are actually saying the contrary… Anyway this was one of the best experience in my life haha. Girls’ Generation, f(x), TVXQ, SHINee, Super Junior… they were all super awesome and some tried to speak french lol, Tiffany, Yuri and SooYoung if I remember. The cutest thing ever haha, sometime we didn’t understand but we cheered because it was just so cool that they tried haha.

Let me tell you, if you worry about the girls’ health, they looked pretty damn good. Physically they were all super gorgeous, as a sunshiner I’m a bit biased but Sunny’s body OMG. OMG. OMG. This girl is sexy, this girl is cute, this girl is perfection… face, body, talent, mind, she has everything. Hyoyeon and Jessica have wonderful bodies too. Sunny, Hyoyeon & SooYoung actually waved at us, Sunny noticed me because I was screaming so hard whenever she came a bit closer to me haha she looked right at me I thought I was about to faint ROFL. For me the highlights of the concert were Oh! / Hoot / Dance Battle & Gee / Pinocchio ♥. If I had to write one word about the whole concert it would just be : mindblowing. ♥♥♥

(if you take out this fanaccount, take it entirely and credit please)

I got to see a bit of the dance rehearsal (Hyo/Yoona/Yuri/Sooyoung with others) but we couldn’t take pictures or film. Yuri was wearing a white top + denim shorts; Yoona had a white top but you could see her back (she had some kind of black sport bra underneath and super straight hair, gorgeous *-*; Sooyoung was in a red skirt and Hyo had the same outfit posted on SMTown Facebook page (white w/ red heart) She’s the first one I saw when I entered and couldn’t believe my eyes lol

I was like omg that’s Hyo!! She rehearsed some steps with Eunhyuk (wooot Eunhyo shipper right here haha) they were joking together at one point. I saw her smile too on the big screen since we were shouting and clapping even though it was just a rehearsal lol Yuri rehearsed some steps with Victoria. Yoona too after.

The whole of them danced together too and then it was the end. We had to go out….

As for the concert well it was just awesome!!! everyone shouting and dancing for all the groups.

Next time though I’ll take a standing ticket to see the girls even more up-close than where I was!!

Sunny dang! she’s the one I saw the closest to where I was, she’s petite but got a hot bod that’s for sure ^^

Yuri is fine too, her body looks healthy don’t worry. During the talk she asked the crowd “Ca va?” (How are you doing?) and pointed the mic towards us, that was cute. There was a YoonYul moment too during Kissing You I think(?) I don’t remember but well they were arms around waist dancing/walking together.

Also during the talk all the girls got loud cheers but Hyo got the longest(?) of them all, I was so surprised and happy! it was crazy and you could tell she got really happy too.

Jessica touched the hands of fans that were in the fosse!! (this makes me remember of some pics from other smtown concerts where she did the same ^^) So nice.


OMFG! I went to SMTown Paris yesterday! It was insaaaaaaaaaaane, the screams HyoYeon got, I was sooo happy for her. She had the biggest smile from ear to ear!!! As soon as she got on the screen or if she was singing a part the WHOLE arena screamed. I got goosebumps because of it, she really deserves it, she was soo amzing!!! And all the other girls too of course, they are soooo pretty in real life! OMG. Still can’t believe I saw them! omggg!!!


Fan Account from yesterday :

Yes, it’s totally true, Hyoyeon got the loudest cheer all the long ! I think she was really touched because she stopped her introduction because of this LOVE ! She almost cry, I think and me too lol. I thought “Oh this girl deserve this so much !” And screams “Kim Hyoyeon, Kim Hyoyeon” all the long xD Follow by Sooyoung and Sunny. When Sooyoung appear on the screen, screams will start immediately.

I don’t know if there were many cheers because I heard just my voice hahaha Yes everyone, my voice is totally destroyed right now and this night it will be ROUND 2 !

At the end, we can see Yuri, Hyoyeon (who’s crying, I think) running to the principale stage during other were at the top, hand to hand, hugging each other. Following by Amber, Tiffany and someone else… THEY ARE SO KKAB!! Dancing like crazy person, enjoying themselves, as if they were in an other world ! So cute ~ Amber haven’t never let go Yuri. These 2 are often together. Ppyong !


i have a new found respect for SooYoung after the SM TOWN concert last night. Sooyoung was the friendlist one out of the girls, she was the one who bothered ( together with taeyeon ) to go upfront of the stage to wave and shake hands and stayed upfront and Soo young was the last person in the entire SM TOWN to leave the stage because she wanted to thank and wave as much as she could during the last few seconds of the concert.


I’m so happy to hear that Hyo was getting so much love from Euro SONEs, and the fact that they all knew the Korean fanchants! Now I really wish I was there 😦

P.S. currently scouring the Internets to find the clearest fancams of the girls’. Will update this post when they become available, along with more pictures and fan accounts. Check back soon!

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