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Do you still remember the Daum and e-ma candy advertisements featuring our favourite 9 ladies ? Well, apparently these 2 companies have released some more Soshi-related goodness for the fans-at-large to enjoy…..

1) Daum

To celebrate their 1st anniversary, the good folks at Daum have once again engaged the  9 ladies of Soshi to appear as models on their new themed skin for the Daum MyPeople Application software programme.

Any one who owns that particular programme can now download the new theme through the settings page.

(The only downside to the whole exercise: As MyPeople is a free social networking application manufactured by Daum Communication Corporations, it is only available for Korean citizens 😦 ).

Anyway, here are the screenshots of the new SNSD-themed skins for all  non-Korean SONES to enjoy.

I personally think all the 9 angels look simply adorable in these new themed skin images :D. Lucky Korean SONES !

2) e-ma

The e-ma candy company from Japan recently released a new CF video for their company’s throat candy product.

Like the previous commercial featuring the members of SNSD, the basic content still remains the same. The only addition is a new segment that features a special Girls’ Generation e-ma pouch that is advertised at the end of this CF.

Take a look at the new CF below (the featured GG pouch looks really cool 🙂 ):

I can well imagine a sell-out run on e-ma products by SONES once the featured item is officially released on the market by the company ;).

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Daum, e-ma, www.soshified.com