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[Updated with translation!]

Yoona, Sooyoung, and Hyoyeon made a hysterical starcall from Paris!

The three lovely girls said they miss us, SONEs… in that infamous annoying kid voices! Don’t you just want to punch your screen repeatedly by the time they start talking???

Hahaha just kiddin’! I know we all love our SNSD hyper and crazy like this.

However, Sooyoung mentioned that they’re not crazy, they’re just excited for the upcoming concert. Yoona (or rather, Seo Yoojin — ten brownie points for whoever gets that reference!) said that this is actually the concept that they we like (true)… in fact, according to Hyoyeon, this will be their next Korean comeback concept!

I’m not sure… is this the return of choding shidae? Aegyo shidae? Or is it the drunktards shidae?

One thing for sure though, a certain Ms. Hwang would want to slap these girls in the face once she hear those infamous kid voices. I bet she wasn’t there when the three kids did this Starcall. We all know how much she hates that voices. Oh, and a certain Miss Lee might give her a hand by pushing the girls down the stairs… but then again, I think I can hear Lee laughing in the background, along with ahjumma Kim and kkab Kwon (not the Jo Kwon, it’s the Kwon Yuri, of course).

Sigh. I love those crazy dorks so much!  T~T

[Translation] thanks to OceanBrighntess@youtube! It’s slightly different than what previously translated, but then again, any translation error is pretty much given since the girls talked like that…

S: “Hello!”
Y: “Hello, I’m Yoona!”
S: “Hello, I’m Ddooyoung~”
H: “Hello, I’m Hyoyeonie~”
Y: “It’s been a long time since our starcall” (?)
S: “You missed us, didn’t you? You’re so pleased to receive (star call) from us, right?”
Y: “We’re now here in Paris, before leaving for the concert!”
S: “We’re eating baguette in Paris”
Y: “I’m choking”
S: “I’m choking! SONE, please bring me something to drink!”
Y: “Tell me your wish!”
H: “Give us a drink”
S: “We’re acting like this because we’re excited for the upcoming concert. We’re not crazy.”
Y: “Right. You like us doing this, dont’ you?”
S: “Because you like us this way…”
H: “We are giving concerts back in Korea. Come and see us then!”
S: “Don’t forget to come”
Y: “Don’t miss it”
S: “If you don’t come, I’ll spank you!”
Y: “Spank! Spank!”
S: “Spank!”
H: “Now we’re going to hang up chic-ly.”
Y: “Bye~”
S: “A Parisian.”
Y: “I’m [Yoojin]. I’m here in Paris to study. Merci beaucoup (Thank you so much)”
S: “Merci beaucoup!”
Y: “Bonjour”

cr; kjw6676@youtube, Chichinhu@twitter, OceanBrightness@youtube
by; crazy51@snsdkorean