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UPDATE 04/24/11: More pictures from the airport added, plus a couple of new fancams!

Thanks to their partnership with Samsung China, SNSD landed safely in Beijing earlier today, in order to attend a fan-meet event organized by the electronics giant.

Now, just like any other time the girls arrive at a foreign international airport, mass hysteria ensues and this can only mean one thing…


So what are you waiting for? Hit the jump to see SNSD “shut down” Beijing Capital International Airport!

I spy a TaeNy moment and an abundance of YooSun 🙂


Tiffany protecting Taeyeon!!!

Would you ever doubt “TaeNy is real” again?

Quotes from SONEs who were at the airport and able to witness SNSD’s arrival:

“I was standing infront and i saw YooSeo hand in hand.Due to the chaotic situation,SeoHyun almost fell and i helped her out(no ulterior motives).Yoonseo smiled to me….”

“Yoona’s banner are everywhere,amazing yoona fans…”

“We successful received/welcomed the girls,took HD photos and they are sooo gorgeous!!!..”

“Taeyeon didn’t cry in the airport (some rumors has it that Taeyeon cried).She is happily waving to fans.She didn’t get squeezed at all….I don’t know where this groundless rumors started from

“Precious Kim Tae Yeon!!!!!Thank you fany for hugging her!..”

“Taeyeon looked very happy today.She smiled when she saw my banner(those with lights)and i was just beside her!!The banner is just infront of her, her smile is just so beautiful!”

“Taeny are happily chatting in the car~”

“Tae is soooo small ,ahh!!Today is so squeeezy!!…Yuri looks rather down today.Due to fans pushing and squeezing around the security guards,they knocked into yuri =.= “

And more:

“Taeng is eating lollipop in the car lol”

“Taeyeon and fany in the same car ahhhhh… fany sending hearts to us, taeyeon waving to us ahhhhh”

“Taeyeon was happily waving to us and she fed fany her lollipop. After that fany waved to us and was behaving so kkab-ly at the same time”

An update on the actual event will be posted soon. Stay tuned!

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