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We, SNSD Korean, as of right now (N-O-W!) officially declare war on cucumbers. Yes, those disgusting, crunchy, cylindrical, green, vile, THINGS that are supposedly fit for human consumption. Irregardless of what the peasants in a kingdom eats, we will not allow our Ice Princess Jessica Jung to come anywhere near such impurities. That is why for her 22nd birthday, we will fight evil, and we will win.

It doesn't matter what shape you are, you still smell.

Right now it’s… Jessica week?

If you didn’t have it marked on your calendar or know off by heart and already built a shrine for worshiping , Jessica’s birthday is coming up soon on April 18th. Our blog will be doing a three-part ‘trilogy’ (this is part I) to celebrate the day that obviously rained a lot, so look forward to the remaining parts as the week progresses.

Everyone knows not to mess with the don, except maybe when you’re armed with a cucumber. But.. why would you want to bring harm to Jessica? =] Here’s to celebrating great moments in anti-cucumberness!

along with anything cucumber like…

Cucumber-free sandwiches?

Evil Yoong

and of course, the epic musical gift from Yoona, Fany, and Sunny.

Let the battle begin!

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