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Fellow SONEs and Fanytastics…It’s finally happened.

After years, the Korean media has finally caught up with SONEs and have realised that our brighter than gems Tiffany has another killer weapon other than her eye-smile – her pig tails.

A couple days ago, an article popped up on a portal site entitled, “Double Ponytailed Tiffany, Deadly Charm”.  The post was littered with a bunch of images of Tiffany in various tied-off-in-two-places hairstyles, allowing readers to sit back and soak in her beauty.

Netizens poured out the praise, commenting “I feel happy just looking at the pictures”, and “She’s really cute with the double pony-tails” etc. etc.

Guys, this is an occasion to celebrate. And how should we celebrate? WITH A FANY-TAIL PICSPAM OF COURSE 😀


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