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Please excuse the corny title.

Last week, pictures of some of the members going GAGA for a photo shoot surfaced and fans wondered what the photo shoot was for. It turns out it’s for the magazine, Vogue Korea. The girls will be featured in the new April 2011 issue of Vogue Korea and the section is supposedly titled ‘Boys Meet Girls’–when lovely modern boys (Jessica, Sooyoung, and Yuri) encounter funky girls (Tiffany, Sunny, and Hyoyeon) . On the Korean Vogue site, a preview of the photo shoot pictures have been released.

Apparently, Vogue Editors talked about their admiration of Sunny as they were shocked by her exceptional transformation for the photo shoot. I believe on the Vogue site, they have devoted half of the article to admiring GagaSunny.

Sunny, who cracked up a lot seeing Tiffany as Lady Gaga, wore a  similar pink wig. Actually with three more ribbons. Sunny, who felt the  most awkward among SNSD members with her and other member’s  transformations, showed SUCH AN UNEXPECTED TWIST. WHILE THIS YOUNG LADY  WITH A THOUSAND FACES SHOWED PROVOCATIVE, CUTE, SLINKY, SEXY, AND FRESH  IN FRONT OF CAMERAS, after the camera turned off, she went back to a  “girl” with a “KYAHAHAHAHA” laughter voice of an anime. 

“I like comfortable and light style when I’m off. Like Marc Jacobs or Marc by  Marc Jacobs. I like T-shirt with skinny jeans or unique leggings with  loose-fit shirts too. I prefer a cute or boyish look to feminine look.”

Translation by sunshine village & grammar correction: @camiiseta

I seriously love the pictures for the upcoming Vogue Korea issue. I’m sad though that the preview didn’t include ManYul or GagaHyo. THEY BETTER HAVE MANYUL AND GAGAHYO FOR THE APRIL ISSUE!

Note: The group of members that have participated in the photo shoot are also the group of members that have signed to endorse Dior. The clothes/cosmetics worn for the photo shoot were Dior.

Sources: VOGUE.com + yurui912@twitter