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To combine two quick blips in one post-

You guys remember those recent SPAO promo pics? Apparently, some fans were disappointed with the Super Generation pairings. And I completely understand. As cute as Sunny-Kyuhyun were, for instance, they weren’t as good as Yoonyul. Sones got on that pretty quickly with their photoshop skillllzzz. Of course I totally rikes. Sorry boys, but Yoonyul is as real as it gets. Jump under the cut to see how these two pictures got Yoonyulified!

It seems that the list of Sones don’t end at witty photoshoppers. On KBS “Guerrila Date” March 19 episode, actress/model Kim Ah Joong chose SNSD as her favorite girl group without hesitation. When asked which member she would replace, Kim replied, “How is it possible to leave out a member? Among all 9 of them, none can be replaced. Instead, I would like to join them as the 10th member”.

Hmmm I dunno. I don’t think Kim Ah Joong would be able to handle the love that is Yoonyul lol. What do you guys think?

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