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Just now, a couple of pictures have surfaced and the concept seems to be Lady Gaga.

Because the members in the pictures are also the group of members who are currently endorsing Dior, Sones speculate that the photoshoot is related to Dior. Do you dig Fany Gaga? How about Handsome Yul?

(Note: when more details surface, the post will be updated so don’t forget to check back)


(LOL, Sunny asked ManYul ‘Oppa, are you free today?’ at 1:35 & gasp at the SooFany moment 1:41)

-SUBBED VERSION (unfortunately, this will be taken down in 3 days)-

According to fanwonder, on the 12th, MBC’s ‘Section TV Entertainment Relay’ featured the girls at a photo shoot set that revealed teir unique transformations. It was said that Sooyoung and Yuri amazed everyone, including the staffs, with their most notable transformations–a new manly look with some feminine twist.

During an interview with a staff of the MBC program, Sooyoung who felt a little weird with her new look cracked a joke saying, “I’m a Soonam (Soo-Man)’. She was then asked about her sister, Soojin (a musical actress), since they recently took a picture together. Sooyoung confessed, “At first, I was happy because my sister is pretty…If our sister becomes a member of SNSD, we would not be known as ‘Beautiful-Legs’ group,” which caused laughter.

Known for family members with special traits, the members complimented each other. They told Jessica, “You are prettier than Krystal” and upon hearing that, the girls laughed at their own remarks. (You can see Sooyoung telling Jessica this in the video above at 3:40 and Jessica blushed while thanking her)

Source: Dipts Article + Chichinhu@Twitter + mk.co.kr/newsen.com + fanwonder